London Hotel Adventure

London Savoy Hotel Adventure

The frosty winter air overwhelmed me as I strolled into the London Savoy Hotel and made my way across the lobby. It was warmer inside, but I could still feel my hard nipples straining against the red satin material of my dress. “Good”, I thought, smiling. The client will be pleased. I found a quiet corner in Kaspar’s Seafood Bar & Grill and dug into my handbag, searching for my diamond-encrusted mirror. I wanted to make sure that the cold hadn’t affected my perfectly made up face. My long, auburn hair was still perfectly tousled, my red, glossy lips as kissable as ever and, much to my delight, the chill had blessed me with an attractive pink blush across my cheeks.

Being an experienced escort, I had met many men at this very place, so nerves were very much a thing of the past. Waiting patiently for my client to arrive, I tried hard to remember his name. Thomas? No. Tim? Probably not. I tucked a curl behind my ear. A few minutes passed before I caught a glimpse of a young man walking towards me. Over the years I had met with a number of good-looking clients, but, thanks to my undeniable beauty, always managed to maintain the upper hand. But there was something special about this man. He wasn’t particularly tall, but he was well-muscled and carried himself with such refinement and charm, it was almost serpentine.

Still seated, I gazed up at him, eyebrows raised, and couldn’t resist the urge to press my full breasts together wanting to make the best possible impression. It was my ace card that always got the job done. He grinned at me without trying to hide the fact that he was admiring every inch of my body. Smiling subtly, his gaze paused ay my cleavage for a few seconds before we met eyes once again and he reached out to me with a large, perfectly groomed hands. “Ms Stone, I assume?”. I placed my hand gently in his, feeling instant electrical pulses fly through my body and the area between my legs instinctively tighten. I cleared my throat and smiled back at him, “Savannah Stone, yes” He sat down, “Todd. It’s lovely to meet you. The agency told me you were beautiful, but I didn’t quite expect anything as pleasing as this.” I blushed and cursed to myself for allowing this man to affect my composure to such an extent. Whenever I met with clients, it was always important for me to retain the sense of power. I was naturally very dominant and had yet to find someone with the ability to disarm me quite the way that this man had within seconds of laying eyes on him.

In an effort to one-up him, I shrugged out of my little cardigan, revealing the tight satin dress which clung firmly to my pale, soft skin. I watched his face for a reaction and jumped slightly when, instead, I felt his finger graze the top of my leg. He leant into me confidently, his lips so close I could feel them brushing up against my ear, and whispered, “What do you say we do something a little different tonight…”

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