​My Wife, I and My Friend

Everyone has struggled to talk about good sex. Perhaps that is just how we were brought up - to be conservative, and almost dance around the subject. After a friend came into our lives, the world has opened up slowly and I have felt more comfortable about talking about sex with my lover and our friends.  One day with our good friend Ken we were talking about sex dreams. Ken and I have been for nearly three decades, and he was going through a divorce. Ken broke open what was the fifth bottle of Malbec, and the conversation became "racy." We talked about our deepest desires and chose to take things to another level, fueled by the wine and the thrill of something new.

I had never dreamed that my best wife would sleep with someone else; that my wife could enjoy sex in front of me. After 30 minutes of this conversational play, we all sat close, and I dared my tall blonde wife to tease Ken erotically - doing anything she thought would be a big turn on. She placed her hands on the chest, and the fingers moved down his stomach slowly to the belt. She grabbed at his huge cock - my, he was hard. Then she challenged her to do that to her. He could just respond with a quiet "ohh ohh" sound. I almost started to plea that I was desperate to bring our threesome fantasy to life. 

She looked into my eye and he at me... I give back a convincing glance to both. I opted to start. Sitting on the soft sofa, I started kissing her lips and neck as my hands went down her chest, tickling nipples through soft fabric. I gently moved Ken’s hand between her legs, and she groaned in anticipation. 

In minutes, I was kissing her nipples while pushing her bra down, and I waved on Ken to start kissing her. He massaged her legs, his hands coming close to her crotch and she reached down, puts the hand on her crotch, and beckons him to rub. Let the fantasy begin, I thought top myself.

Stopping to take a drink, I pulled her clothes down and removed them. She refused to remove his hand from her crotch until I forced it away. He stood up, and she grabbed the belt buckle and started to undo it, pulling the jeans down to expose a hard cock. My wife stroked it, I moved my hands into her panties and I felt she was wet and ready.

Ken then tells my wife to take it down, and she pulls out his cock. As I took her panties off and stepped aside to remove my pants, she started engulfing his cock. Sucking on it hard as he shouted "Oh...", taking the penis out so it was gently slapping her face. From a distance off, I could see him standing to push away as Ken began kissing her breasts now openly exposed and then going down to her crotch fingering her harder while she writhed in ecstasy. Oh, that was hot.



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