An Evening to Remember With Sonia

An Evening to Remember With SoniaThe first time I visited the London escorts website, I was struck by Sonia’s beauty. Her eyes and luscious lips are something you cannot easily resist to look at when you take a first glance. I quickly made a reservation at a well-known exquisite restaurant in London and invited her for our first date. As I waited for her, I could not stop imagining how the evening will go and all the fun that was possible between us. When she stepped into the room, there was nothing but silence as everyone around appreciating her beauty and allure. She had worn a nice short dinner dress that showed off her firm round breasts and her curvaceous body. Her smile could easily turn you on from a distance.

I had booked her as a girlfriend for the night and expected her to act the part and nothing less. I ordered her favorite meal and made small talk all through dinner. She struck me as a shy lady when we started conversing but when I leaned in to give her a gentle kiss on her lips, she complied. Her lips were soft, moist and very sweet. I was aroused instantly when she involved her tongue; the French kiss was beyond magical. From the way she looked, dressed and behaved, you could not easily tell that she was a high class London escort.

Apart from her stunning beauty and arousing body, Sonia is very intelligent and sophisticated. Her intellectual state can leave any man turned on and at the same time addicted to her company. You cannot be easily bored with Sonia’s company as she is talkative, approachable and outgoing. As time elapsed, I took her to one of the best hotels to enjoy some quality fun. As soon as we arrived in the room, she ripped my clothes off and led me to the bathroom. There is nothing as sensual as showering together with a pretty, shapely woman!

As we got to bed, she lay me down on the bed and gave me one of the best professional and erotic massages I have ever had. I was turned on with the way she handled my body with care and was willing to fully satisfy most of my hedonic thoughts. Sonia is one elite escort who learns quickly what turns you on or off. Her experience and knowledge helps her have an idea of how one is supposed to be treated.

Behind closed doors, I got to explore Sonia’s curvaceous, sexy body in detail. Her soft, smooth skin rubbing onto mine was all I could think of during our dinner date. Her luscious lips could not only give you the best French kisses, but also a BJ worth remembering. She is not scared to explore different sex styles as well as try new ones. Most of my sexual fantasies and desires were made a reality with Sonia. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has not tried her out for a night worth remembering.

Your encounter with elite London escorts is incomplete until and unless you’ve spent time with the irresistible Sonia.

London Savoy Hotel Adventure

The frosty winter air overwhelmed me as I strolled into the London Savoy Hotel and made my way across the lobby. It was warmer inside, but I could still feel my hard nipples straining against the red satin material of my dress. “Good”, I thought, smiling. The client will be pleased. I found a quiet corner in Kaspar’s Seafood Bar & Grill and dug into my handbag, searching for my diamond-encrusted mirror. I wanted to make sure that the cold hadn’t affected my perfectly made up face. My long, auburn hair was still perfectly tousled, my red, glossy lips as kissable as ever and, much to my delight, the chill had blessed me with an attractive pink blush across my cheeks.

Being an experienced escort, I had met many men at this very place, so nerves were very much a thing of the past. Waiting patiently for my client to arrive, I tried hard to remember his name. Thomas? No. Tim? Probably not. I tucked a curl behind my ear. A few minutes passed before I caught a glimpse of a young man walking towards me. Over the years I had met with a number of good-looking clients, but, thanks to my undeniable beauty, always managed to maintain the upper hand. But there was something special about this man. He wasn’t particularly tall, but he was well-muscled and carried himself with such refinement and charm, it was almost serpentine.

Still seated, I gazed up at him, eyebrows raised, and couldn’t resist the urge to press my full breasts together wanting to make the best possible impression. It was my ace card that always got the job done. He grinned at me without trying to hide the fact that he was admiring every inch of my body. Smiling subtly, his gaze paused ay my cleavage for a few seconds before we met eyes once again and he reached out to me with a large, perfectly groomed hands. “Ms. Stone, I assume?”. I placed my hand gently in his, feeling instant electrical pulses fly through my body and the area between my legs instinctively tighten. I cleared my throat and smiled back at him, “Savannah Stone, yes” He sat down, “Todd. It’s lovely to meet you. The agency told me you were beautiful, but I didn’t quite expect anything as pleasing as this.”  I blushed and cursed to myself for allowing this man to affect my composure to such an extent. Whenever I met with clients, it was always important for me to retain the sense of power. I was naturally very dominant and had yet to find someone with the ability to disarm me quite the way that this man had within seconds of laying eyes on him.

In an effort to one-up him, I shrugged out of my little cardigan, revealing the tight satin dress which clung firmly to my pale, soft skin. I watched his face for a reaction and jumped slightly when, instead, I felt his finger graze the top of my leg. He leaned into me confidently, his lips so close I could feel them brushing up against my ear, and whispered, “What do you say we do something a little different tonight…”img_5450web

Edna story


Hello, my name is Edna and I’m 24 years old. Or do I say 24 years younger? Lol, age is but a number anyway. Am sure you must have heard about the stunning and beautiful London escorts that everyone likes to talk about, right? Well, am here to ensure that your stay or visit to the Queen’s city is memorable and comfortable. Am a young London VIP escort and we can always hook up any time you’re in central London. Whether you need some company to wine and dine with, or go clubbing in the numerous night clubs in London, just give me a shout out and I’ll be your special date. I love dancing and meeting new people, over a chilled glass of sweet wine.

Hhmm, what do you love in a woman? Or rather, let me ask it more directly; would you resist me? Would you resist a young, beautiful woman, with soft glowing skin, firm round breasts and killer eyes that instantly drive you crazy? It’s not my nature to blow my own trumpet, but I’m the kind of girl who the moment we make eye contact, your body starts throbbing and craving for action. But I like to take things slow; I like to stare directly into your eyes as you lie on the bed, undress slowly for you, gently getting off any garment standing between you and my sweet body. Hhhmm, and what about a slow, passionate full body massage, to calm and soothe your muscles all over?

If you love the outdoor life, then there’s definitely a lot we’ll do in London. We can take evening walks and strolls holding hands, or take a boat ride on the Thames, watch a movie in central London, or even visit a museum. Am one flexible girl, and I forgot to mention, am also a part time University Student. So if you’re looking for a lady who can double up as your Personal assistant when attending a conference or important meeting, bring me along! Lol, I’d never disappoint, you know we can always rock together and leave everyone mesmerized. I’m the kind of girl that can comfortably hold and sustain an intelligent discussion, on almost every topic.

Inbox me or drop me an email, and I’ll be glad to tell you more about my schedule, and how we can hook up. I attend classes on weekdays mostly during the day time, and am often available in the evenings. Do you love a naughty London girl? A girl who dresses sexily without appearing slutty, is fiercely loyal without appearing desperate? That’s me! Am a keen listener and your pleasure is my singular responsibility. Regardless of your wildest desires and fantasies, am always open minded and eager to listen to you. I have blue eyes with curved eyebrows, and long golden hair. I also live alone in an own fully furnished apartment; I could host you, or come over to your place, whatever serves you right. Feel free to contact me and also tell me a bit about yourself. Adieu. 


Our gorgeous sophisticated ladies will go wherever you want

London escort ladies available tonight

If you are a regular traveller and love to enjoy spending time in many different countries, enjoying the finest cuisine with a great bottle of wine whilst soaking up the sunshine, then perhaps the arrival of spring will not be as noticeable to you as to some. You may enjoy taking frequent breaks and holidays, or trips abroad for business reasons, where you can spend your time taking pleasure from the warm sunny climates and relaxing on some of the most amazing beaches and tropical islands that the World has to offer, whilst doing business and sealing that all important deal. Well why not mix business with pleasure and enjoy yourself even more with one of our high class escort girls?

When you are seen relaxing on the beach, or dining in the finest restaurants with one of our ladies, you will certainly be noticed and we can guarantee that your associates will be willing to spend some more time with you when one of our girls are around. With incredible bodies and curves in all the right places, you won’t be able to wait to get them out of their skimpy bikinis and into your hotel room!

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A stunning beach body all year round

Stunning VIP london escort

Spring is almost here! The sun is beginning to shine just that little bit more and we can feel the warmth of the sun on our skin. The many layers of clothes are coming off and the days are getting lighter and longer too. All winter we wait for the first signs of spring, as we then know that it is not long before summer arrives. Once spring is in the air, we often feel that this is a time to get out and about a bit more. Maybe you have been invited to some social gatherings or parties; this is often a time when many events and social occasions take place. With the weather warming up and the sunshine becoming more regular, many outdoor events and parties are organised, as we generally want to spend more time outside enjoying ourselves.

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Doing business in style

Doing business in style
Doing business in style

Have you often been invited to a business meeting but felt that it would give you more confidence if you could bring some company along? Maybe you attend many business and corporate events but would like to add a bit of style and panache to your presence. Or perhaps all those business trips and meetings leave you feeling stressed and tired with no time to enjoy yourself. Whatever your circumstances, we have a great selection of the very best top class models, who are highly educated and very sophisticated. They can meet all your personal needs while doing business with you.

So if you just want some company during those business meetings, or want to feel that extra bit classy at those VIP functions, then contact us now to book one of our stunning models. Our escort girls can help you to relax and unwind after all those stressful business meetings and trips; they can even meet you at the airport or accompany you while away.

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Party with the classiest girls in town

Party with the classiest girls in town
Party with the classiest girls in town

The festive party season may well have been and gone, but there are still lots of parties and functions happening every week in and around London and across the World. If you like to party, no matter what time of the year, our girls can help make it a night to remember! Perhaps you are a real socialite and love to be seen out and about at all the finest events and classiest gatherings, or maybe you are quite shy and find it hard to talk to women that you don’t know. Either way we have the perfect girl for you. Whatever your type of personality, we can ensure that you will always be in the best company with the best high class escort girls available. So if you want to been seen at all those VIP parties and social gatherings with an amazing lady on your arm, or if you just want a boost of confidence when you are attending a VIP function or soiree, then contact us now to book a girl of your choice.

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Feeling Lonely, Need Some Company?

If you are feeling lonely, whether it is day or night, or if you are always on your own it can begin to make you feel like nobody cares. Perhaps suddenly you have found yourself with no one to cuddle up to, talk to and just have some fun with, well London Escort Models UK can assist you and your every desire and make you feel special – they are your VIP escorts, just for YOU! They are on hand to while away the hours with you at your hotel or apartment, share intimate dinner dates with you and even do role play of your most wanted fantasy. There will never be a need to feel lonely again!

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Adult Entertainment in London

If you are looking to book a London escort now or more specifically, if you like a younger model escort girls now that want to spend time with you in London, then you have come to the right place gentlemen – this is adult entertainment in London, at your beck and call!

London Escort Models UK is the website to be on if you are looking for an intriguing, exciting and entertaining time. Whether you want to book London escort for a stag party, or you want someone beautiful accompanying you to a business event it is helpful if there are plenty to choose from, after all you want to make a great impression on all of your friends, don’t you?

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High Class Escorts

Our work takes us all to many European countries and some projects take six to eight months to get finished. It is not possible to stay for so many months with just colleagues and eventually, we end up feeling lonely. With London being visited by many people all through the year, some visit as tourists and other visit for work it is a great idea to hire escort guide London to do away with the loneliness and get some fun into your trip too! No matter what the purpose of your visit is, an elite London escort can always make your stay enjoyable.

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