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Chelsea escorts

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Chelsea is quickly becoming the place to be London, with many of the cities rich and famous moving the SW3. The popular borough even has not one, but two popular TV shows: The Chelsea flower show, and Made in Chelsea. As you can imagine, an area as affluent as this draws in some of the most beautiful women in the world. Lucky for you, we have managed to secure some of these world-renowned beauties to LEM UK. All of our Chelsea Escorts have been personally interviewed and vetted, to ensure that they meet the high standards set here. 

Why book an Escort In Chelsea?

As I'm sure you're aware, Chelsea is one of the most affluent areas in the world. The average price of a pint ranges from £7-10. So if you're in the area for a short period of time, and are hoping to meet a girl whilst out, you're going to struggle to get into a club for anything less than £20. The hassle and uncertainty of it all are purely exhausting. booking an Escort in Chelsea guarantees that the girl you spend your time with is as beautiful as you deserve and you know exactly how much it is going to cost you. All of our girls are individuals and we have such a wide range that it means we can be confident in achieving utter satisfaction, whatever it is that you're after. 

What do our clients think? 

We have some of the most loyal and satisfied clients in the industry. Not only do our clients rave about their sexual encounters but they consistently keep coming back for more. We have such a high retention rate, that we had to start taking advanced bookings! Our customers love our escorts so much that we have taken on more staff every single month this year. There is a reason that Chelsea is becoming London's number one escort hotspot so why not try it out yourself?

How to book a Chelsea Escort?

The likelihood is that if you're reading this, you have probably never booked an escort and are wondering what the process is like. the industry has an unfair reputation of being seedy and old fashioned. In reality, that couldn't be further from the truth. Booking an escort is as simple and easy as ordering a takeaway. simply call one of our friendly team members on +44 (0)750 0060 335 or +44 (0)755 4421 420 or if you don't fancy speaking to a human being, fill in a booking form. Just pick the escort you would like to see and you're on your way. We hope to hear from you soon. 



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